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November 18, 2009

Annie Claydon needs to talk

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Older people aren’t stupid. Stupid!!

I must have spoken to umpteen people about online comms during the past couple of years. And in that time, I’ve heard the oft repeated phrase “well, it’s generational y’know. Really!”

What piffle. Octogenerians love to chat – about anything  and  everything. Politics, society, history,  the price of spuds, you name it. If it’s in the public domain, 81-year-old Annie Claydon – two doors down – will  have a view on it. Just give her the tools and she’ll do the rest.

Sadly the truth is  that each month 300,000 Annie Claydons spend their days, weeks, months in silence, never talking to a soul.

Facts: 1.4 million older people are excluded from other people’s company; 48% of over 65s claim their main company is the telly.

Recently I was talking to Age Concern Stockport about setting up a comms network for older people in the Great Manchester area. This would involve using small video blog cameras where people talk about their local services, their community, their lives…

Age Concern has a national campaign to reach out to isolated older people in the community. So a comms network based on video blogs could well be the answer for these folk, who are excluded from the rest of us. Their blogs can then be loaded into the local community engagement site or on to personal blog sites like this.

It’s simply a matter of showing them how to get involved; they’ll do the rest. If they need access to computers, blog cameras etc, then the local library or the mobile library could be a vital step that brings them back into the community.

Likewise with blogging. All they need is  for someone to  show them a site they can use and they’ll do the rest. Look at  This is a blog site that only requires an email address. Talking has never been  easier for  todays octogenerians. They just need a bit of a help to get started.


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