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January 27, 2010

How to get a community talking instead of posting dry comments on a forum

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My little boy plays for an under 8s football team as a defender – and he’s pretty good at it. His team is chock full of highly competitive little boys, watched over by highly competitive mums and dads. And the relaxed Saturdays of old have now become a rather fraught, fractious and sometimes tearful affair depending on the fortunes of the team.  

“So what of it?” I hear you mutter.

Well, this team has a website and after each match one of the dads writes up a small report about the game. Most kids’ football teams have this type of weekly reportage after each game. Outside the team it’s only of interest to the highly competitive mums and dads of other teams and is more often an excuse for a frustrated dad to try out his John Motson hat (not to mention coat).

Athough only a handful of parents and children read the match report, I still reckoned I could come up with something a little more interesting. So I took my little Flip camera along and filmed a rather bemused coach and manager after the game (see Grant and Richard below). I told them I wanted the to “do a Fergie”.

The day after I uploaded my experiment I had calls from other parents and children telling me how much more they enjoyed looking at the report.

Comments included:

“It suddenly comes to life.”

“I wanted to hear more from them.”

“Is this going to happen every week?”

“Never bring THAT camera to a game again!!” (that was the coach)

Suddenly people had become immediately more engaged. The small footballing community I belong to started laughing and joking and talking more.

Going forward I want to persuade a parent to comment each week after every match, taking the engagement idea one step further (altho the coach and manager are still in the denial stage). Simple really – and fun. Shows what you can do when you get a community talking rather than emailing or posting dry, humourless comments on a forum.


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