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November 23, 2009

You looking at me!?

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Ever caught a glimpse of yourself and thought: “Is that really me? Do I really look like that?”

Happened to me recently in Boots. I was trawling round the aisles when I saw myself fleetingly in a mirror beneath neon lights in the cosmetics department (I was looking for my wife). For a split second I mused: “I know that person; so that’s what they look like; bit of a disappointment.”

Actually I was very disappointed. Surely I didn’t look like that! The same as everyone else; with the same washed out features; clutching a pack of Boots multivits.

During the past year, a lot of people have said the same to me after seeing themselves talking in video blogs. No doubt it’s an unsettling experience, but if you want to get a message across,talking directly to people is better than sending out impersonal multiple emails that are deleted before they’ve been opened.

I may not like the way I look, but what the hell! If I want people to get the message, I’ll tell them straight. So to prove I’m a man of my word, here’s a short film encouraging local councils to get more out of their video blogs. It’s basic, it’s laughably amateurish; but that’s the point. It’s a medium your mum and dad can master.


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